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What is the most difficult or most different reference question that you have answered at the service desk? How about, “I need supporting data for spontaneous human combustion.” Or, “I’m trying to find information for my project on McDonald’s on the political, legal, and governmental forces.” How about, “I am looking for economic reports from the U.S. government around the 1790s.” Join Aaron Procious for Reference Review as he facilitates this group discussion (your discussion) on opaquely framed, subject-skirting, historically ethereal reference questions and how they can be handled effectively.

Have you been wondering what computers are “library computers” and what computers are “ITS computers” and why are they different? Ryan Johnson will tell you in the session called, Staff vs. Lab vs. Visitor Station Computers: What are the differences? Also, in this class you will learn about computer programs that can be accessed and used from any location using different platforms – WebApps.

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