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Discovery Day Session Registration Underway

5-8 400Discovery Day 2015

You can still register for sessions including:

Get Walking

Did you know that on average, every minute of walking can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes?

Join Pam Glanert from Health Matters as she discusses the benefits of walking and shares some valuable information on walking shoes and pedometers.    Also learn about the walking program that the campus locations participate in and what the plans are to start one at UP Libraries.

get walking 400

Roller Derby

What do you know about the fastest-growing sport in America? In this session, you’ll find out how roller derby has evolved, how a roller derby bout works and how to become a derby player or just train like one. Wear something comfortable, because you’ll get an opportunity to work out derby style and “play derby” in a low-contact, no-skates simulated bout. Observers welcome, too! Join Nicole Hendrix in this session.


Library Storage for Patrons- Carrels vs Lockers

Join Pembroke Childs to discover more about the temporary and long-term storage options in Pattee and Paterno Libraries. Who can help me with this locker? What are my storage space options? When does the locker auto UN-lock? Where are the locations of these helpful tools? Why didn’t I apply for a carrel sooner? All these questions and more will be answered. Included in this session: hands on training with some equipment and a “mini- field trip” to the Central Stacks!


What is a micro-site and how are they related to the libraries?

The libraries micro-sites are a collaboration between the libraries and another organization, college, or department to create a web presence for that entity. Sites like the People’s Contest, PA Center for the Book, the Alumni library, Hershey, ICIK, and ASEE use the libraries CMS for that presence. Come find out more, meet the web authors, and hear more about their migration to Drupal.

400micro sites


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