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LHR News

submitted by Wendy Stodart

Please join us in welcoming the following new hires:


Katerine Tsakiris – Abington College Library

Honeysha Chandra – George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library

Elizabeth Crowder – Great Valley Library


July 4 Holiday:

The Independence Day (July 4) holiday is coming up and will be observed on Saturday, July 4. In accordance with University policy, when a holiday falls on Saturday it is observed on Saturday. Eligible employees normally scheduled to work on Saturday receive holiday pay. Eligible employees are not scheduled to work on July 4 receive Holiday Compensatory time that can be scheduled and used like vacation.
On Saturday, July 4, the Libraries will be closed. Full-time employees who would normally work onSaturday will record 8 hours of Holiday in ESSIC. Full-time employees who don’t normally work onSaturday will earn 8 hours of Holiday Compensatory Time. Part-time employees who are eligible for earned time will record their regularly scheduled hours as holiday. Part-time employees who are not eligible for earned time are only paid for hours actually worked, however, supervisors may, if feasible and appropriate, reschedule part-time employees earlier in the week to make up the hours missed.
On Friday, July 3, there are no classes scheduled but University offices will be open and operations continue.  Pattee/Paterno Library will be open from 7:45 am – 5:00 pm.  Employees who wish to take off should follow their normal departmental procedure for scheduling time off, and should account for the day using vacation or personal holiday. University policy prohibits using the holiday compensatory day awarded for July 4 until after July 4. If you wish to work on Friday you may and should account for hours worked as you normally would.
If you have any questions, please contact Libraries Human Resources.

ESSIC Attendance Record Audit Reminder:

In July, the Office of Human Resources will begin its annual audit of the attendance system. Please note the following reminders, for both system users and supervisors/approvers:

  • 2015 Personal Holiday hours – Full-time employees should have added eight hours of personal holiday time (for 2015) when submitting the January attendance records at the end of January. This is done on the accruals page that comes up when you click “Submit.” New employees must wait until they have completed their first two full months of employment before they may add in the 2015 personal holiday time. The maximum amount of personal holiday hours an employee can have at any given time is 16 hours.  If an employee has 16 hours at the end of the calendar year, they can not add the new time in January.
  • Compensatory Time – Please remember that any holiday or campus closure compensatory time earned should be used prior to any vacation.
  • Vacation Maximums – Please be reminded of the vacation accrual maximums found at the bottom of your attendance record in ESSIC, in HR-34 and in the Libraries’ Faculty Vacation Policy. At the end of the month when you submit your attendance record, you must be at or below the maximum, or you will lose any time over that amount. If this occurs, when submitting the record, you must only mark the number of hours that will leave you at the maximum for your ending balance, rather than the actual time you would normally accrue.
  • Submission and Approval – Employees are reminded to submit their attendance records at the end of every month. Supervisors are reminded to review information and approve the records on a monthly basis. It is extremely important that these records are completed, reviewed, and approved monthly.
  • Recording Time Worked – As a reminder, all non-exempt employees must record all time worked using the “Time Worked (normal hours)” selection, plus account for any time missed. Exempt employees should only record time used to account for time missed (vacation, sick, etc.).

These reminders apply to all full-time employees. Part-time employees do not have access to the Attendance System and should be completing Labman, or some sort of paper record for part-time exempt (staff or faculty, such as Fixed Term II appointments). All supervisors, of all types of employees, should be ensuring that their employees keep appropriate records and submit them on a timely basis in order review their time.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 814-863-4949.

Note: Dickinson School of Law Libraries and George T. Harrell Library employees are provided with this information as employees of the University Libraries; however, day-to-day operational practices are guided by their respective Colleges. Dickinson and College of Medicine Library employees should speak to their immediate supervisor or local HR Representative for guidance, as necessary. Conditions of employment for Technical-service employees are further described in the “Agreement between The Pennsylvania State University and Teamsters Local Union No. 8.” Technical-service employees should refer to the Agreement for information related to the above topics. Staff employees who are less than 100% should follow the guidance of policy HR-88.

LionSearch Updates

The most recent Summon (LionSearch) update took place on June 4.  This release includes the following enhancements:

Enhancements to improve performance and usability:

  • Reducing duplicates in search results: We have made improvements to reduce the number of duplications caused by the following cases:
    • Better handling of whitespace, punctuation and special characters
    • Better subscript and superscript handling
    • Better reconciliation between British and American English
    • Expansion of synonyms map
    • Addressed issues with stop words in other languages
  • Ability to pass a language parameter in the URL; language detection will be done in the following order: URL for language parameter, browser settings, then Customizer default language setting
  • Improving the Catalog Details page additions
    • Added Subject Headings
    • Add Request button
  • Improving the Advanced Search
    • Added an tool tip to identify the icon upon hover
    • Maintain Advanced Search data while navigating within Advanced Search
    • The list of content types under “Show content type” in Advanced Search are dynamically generated from only the content types available to each client
Please let us know if you have any questions!