LionSearch Updates

The most recent Summon (LionSearch) update took place on June 4.  This release includes the following enhancements:

Enhancements to improve performance and usability:

  • Reducing duplicates in search results: We have made improvements to reduce the number of duplications caused by the following cases:
    • Better handling of whitespace, punctuation and special characters
    • Better subscript and superscript handling
    • Better reconciliation between British and American English
    • Expansion of synonyms map
    • Addressed issues with stop words in other languages
  • Ability to pass a language parameter in the URL; language detection will be done in the following order: URL for language parameter, browser settings, then Customizer default language setting
  • Improving the Catalog Details page additions
    • Added Subject Headings
    • Add Request button
  • Improving the Advanced Search
    • Added an tool tip to identify the icon upon hover
    • Maintain Advanced Search data while navigating within Advanced Search
    • The list of content types under “Show content type” in Advanced Search are dynamically generated from only the content types available to each client
Please let us know if you have any questions!