The Drupal Implementation Team in I-Tech has been working hard on the website migration project since January 5, 2015. Our initial plan was to build skills in Drupal and make initial decisions on the environment by focusing development on what we call “Micro Sites.” These are sites that we support in parallel with the main Library site and they include the People’s Contest, ICIK, PA Center for the Book, ASEE and the Alumni Library. The People’s Contest is complete and currently in production. ICIK and the PA Center for the Book are next in line for completion by summer 2016. We also started work on the foundational elements of the environment and the site in January. This work includes layout, heming, carousel, templates, alerts, hours and systems. The Systems Team has built the new server environment and collaborated with our Development Team to put tools and processes in place that support the Agile Development methodology, development and best practices in security and performance.

The next phase of development will include programming and content migration of the home page and top two levels of the library site. We expect this work to be complete by winter, 2016. Also beginning in winter 2016 will be content migration of campus library sites. Department site migration will begin mid-winter of 2016 and University Park Library site content migration will begin in spring of 2016. Intranet will follow in summer/fall of 2016. — Linda Klimczyk

The projected timelines are shown below.

drupal timeline copy