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by Helen Smith

As of August 13 we have over 70 published libguides! We also have over 3,500 links added to the system already. One of the great things that LibGuides will allow us to do is to see statistics on our assets. If all guides use the same version of a link, then statistics for that link will be all in one place. Won’t it be great to be able to see that link X has been clicked on XX times? So rather than assuming no one else has used the link you are inputting, take a moment to search in the “reuse existing link” option to double check.

Subject and Campus librarians should make sure they have updated their profiles. Your profile is a great way to connect with your users, and are also another way that users will be able to find guides, since the guides you own will be listed in your profile! Even if they don’t edit the guide, the subject expert should be listed as the owner of the guide — this can be changed during the review process, just add a note to the guide to the effect of ‘change guide ownership to XXXXX’ when you submit it for review (the subject expert must have an account and profile in LibGuides).

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