WIMT Update: Development news and notes…

Submitted by Binky Lush, chair, Web Implementation and Management Team (WIMT)

Development Update:

We’ve been working on development of pieces of web functionality for our users (for example search and staff directory), updates to our author environment and enhancements to our development and migration workflow for system stability and efficiency. In technical terms, here’s what we’ve been doing…

  • Updated search.libraries.psu.edu interface to have a single full width column of results along with a logo in the header that splits between PSU and PSU Libraries
  • Scoped and mocked up the Staff Directory project
  • Made fixes to the author environment, including image alignment in the wysiwyg and a short screencast recording
  • Made improvements to Libraries production and QA or test instances
  • Added functionality to the “CQ Slurp” program – the script that scrapes content from CQ and saves it into a Drupal-friendly format

Content Update

  • Used CQ Slurp (content scripting) to bring over 200+ pages and 150+ binary files (staff site)
  • Completed Services pages (public)
  • Finishing up department page migration in preparation for stakeholder approval

Other Drupal Project News

  • Content Board is up and running
  • Author Expert Team has been charged
  • Author Strategy and Workflow has been finalized

Drupal Dates of Note

  • April 14 9:30-10:30 – Web Forum – Foster Auditorium (and via Media Site Live)
  • Week of May 9 – Department pages, updated navigation and Staff Site go live

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