Setting up UCS in the email app on your iPhone/iPad

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

ios_mailappiconDid you know you don’t have to use a browser on your iPhone/iPad to check your UCS email and Calendar? You can setup your email app on your iOS device to load automatically. This can be an easy way to check your email while away from your work machine and avoid having to use 2FA.


To configure your email and calendar app on your IOS device for UCS, following the instructions below:

1. Click on the Settings icon


2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Select Add Account
4. Choose Exchange


5. Next you will need to enter your account information:
Note: the order of the next few steps will depend on your device and what version of IOS you are running. The settings remain the same.
Username: Enter your Penn State Access Account user ID “xyz5000” not “”
Password: This is your Penn State Access Account Password
Description: Enter in a name of this account (for example, “UCS e-mail”)
6. Click “Next
7. Enter the Server information
8. Click “Next
9. Select which options you want included with this account on your iOS device
10. Click “Save
11. Click on the account you just created (for our example, we called this account “UCS e-mail”) under the heading “Accounts”
12. Click on “Accounts
13. Confirm that the slider is turned on for the “Use SSL” feature

Save your settings and then allow a few minutes to have your information update.