Countdown to 2FA!

Submitted by Dace Freivalds, I-Tech

2fa thermometer 03212016 update(1)We’re halfway there — 282 or 55% of the Libraries’ 517 employees have enrolled in 2FA. That puts us well ahead of the rest of the University where 42% of faculty and staff targeted for the May 10 rollout group have enrolled.

Can I Request a Duo Token?
Libraries Administration has approved a revision to our 2FA token guidelines enabling individuals, rather than their supervisors, to request a 2FA token.

The rationale behind this decision is twofold. First, this will allow individuals to make their own work style choices and decide if they wish to manage and be responsible for a token. Having worked with the current guidelines for a few weeks, we have found that some supervisors’ have advocated for tokens even when an individual did not want one. Since individuals have different styles of working and handling their devices, it is best to let the individual opt-in for a token. Second, ITS is strongly emphasizing the need to enroll more than one device to avoid difficulties authenticating if you lose or don’t have your only device with you. The change in our guidelines gives individuals more flexibility in requesting a token as the second device.

In order to accommodate the change in the guidelines we have created a new 2FA Duo Token Request form. The form can be found on the I-Tech departmental page in the Requests and Accounts section. We are not able to use the regular IT Accounts Request form for these requests since only supervisors can make requests via the Account Request System. Opening it up to individuals for the token request while maintaining the checks and balances built into the system for other authorizations is not an option at this time.

Where Can I get Help?
I-Tech has scheduled one hour drop-in sessions for every Friday through May 6. The sessions are at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the I-Tech Training Room; registration is not required. Bring your Penn State ID with you (or jot down the last four digits of your nine-digit Penn State ID) – you will need this information to enroll.

For instructions, enrollment tips, and answers to frequently asked questions, visit You can also refer to I-Tech’s 2FA FAQ for answers to your questions. And if you bump into a problem, submit a Service Desk request and we’ll provide assistance.