Strategic Plan Update: Action Plan progress as of Dec. 31, 2016

The Dec. 31, 2016, action plan update of the Libraries’ 2014-2019 Strategic Plan Steering Committee is now available as a PDF. As you review it, please note the progress on these action items over the last quarter. In addition to all of the progress underway since the last quarter, a few opportunities will be available to participate in strategic action planning over the upcoming

A team of five colleagues (Heather Benner, Matt Ciszek–co-chair, Hailley Fargo, Rob Olendorf–co-chair, and Angel Peterson) will be reaching out to faculty and staff throughout the University Libraries to gather ideas for the 2017-2018 action plan over the next two months. A forum will also be announced soon to allow the action item teams that have completed their work to present it publicly.

A new monthly series in the Libraries News Blog on strategic initiatives underway will be starting in February. Four of our colleagues (Tim Auman, Elyssa Cahoy, John Meier, and Shea Wert) have agreed to write monthly articles about major strategic initiatives from not only the University Libraries perspective, but the national perspective as well.

National searches are underway for three strategic faculty positions developed to support the work of three action item teams, the Student Engagement Librarian, Open Education Librarian, and Entrepreneurship Librarian.

We always welcome your feedback on the current update of the action plan, process for updating the action plan, communication strategy, and revisions to the strategic plan. Please feel free to send your comments or questions to any member of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee:

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– submitted by Joe Salem, associate dean