Budget request system and timeline changes

The ABLE budget request application is currently being rewritten. The new application is called the Budget Request System which will be more straightforward to use for requestors and will provide more automated/online features for Library Administration and the Business Office.

This year the budget request period may start a few weeks later than in the past to allow for a full production launch of the new request system (mid to late April). This does not mean that you should wait for an announcement to begin working on your budget request plans. The content of the request will remain the same.

Please begin to prepare in the weeks ahead and be ready to enter your requests when the system becomes available. You will be able to copy and paste, so feel free to prepare your draft request in Word. You’ll be able to add attachments (quotes, supporting documentation, etc.) to each section of your request as well.

We’ll share more information about the system and training/instructions on how to use the new system as we get closer to the release date.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the project product owner, Kimlyn Patishnock.

– submitted by Linda Klimczyk, I-Tech