Getting to Know You: Tricia Super

dark-haired woman smilingby Tracy Reilly and Jennifer Cywinski

Tricia Super is the type of employee that most supervisors want on their staff. She started working for the libraries as part-time, nighttime staff in 2005. Over the years she has had other full-time positions, but she’s remained dedicated to the library where she spends her nights and Saturdays. She especially loves working with faculty and students to get the materials that they need for success!

Great Valley’s graduate professional studies courses are held in the evening, which means that the library is busiest when Tricia is on the clock. Tricia also helps many of the local residents who visit Great Valley for a place to research and work. She has worn many hats including working with serials, databases, circulation, and reference. When you work at a smaller campus library, you tend to learn all aspects of the job.

Something you might not know about Tricia is that she and her family are long-time members of the Mummers in the Fancy Brigade Division! The Mummers Parade takes place every New Year’s Day in Philadelphia and is believed to be the oldest Folk Festival in the United States, having begun in 1901. It’s a local tradition that shouldn’t be missed!

Tricia is a current member at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church where she is a Eucharistic Minister, a volunteer with Cabrini University’s Alumni Office, and a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians in Chester County. To top it all off, Tricia spent 12 years in the Girl Scouts and earned the Gold Award, which is the association’s highest achievement.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have know Tricia for many years. Taught Tricia 7th Grade Math where she was a committed student and a friend to many. Tricia always puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. Tricia is a family person who puts others before herself. She and her husband Rob are true and loyal friends. Her large family is devoted to each other and probably numbering near 100 or more, close.
    Knowing Tricia and her work ethic, makes her a one in a million that any place of employment would cherish on their staff.

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