New exhibit explores the world of plastics

promotional graphic with colorful plastic letters spelling out PLASTICS

A new exhibit, “Plastics: Knowledge and Information Taking Shape,” offers an in-depth exploration of University Libraries’ materials related to plastic and demonstrates how plastics are now an indispensable part of our daily life. On display through Wednesday, Aug. 9, the exhibit is free and open to the public and is available for viewing during spring semester Pattee Library operating hours.

Curated by J. Harlan Ritchey, Penn State information resources and services support specialist at the Engineering Library, and Graham Berg, Media Commons consultant, the exhibit explores the various manifestations of plastic, from plastic surgery to the plastic arts.

Posters in Sidewater Commons detail a wide breadth of information on plastic production and engineering, recycling and sustainability, and environmental impact. Two central exhibit cases in Pattee Library also feature materials related to plastics. The first case focuses on moments from the “Great Book Move.” The other exhibit case focuses on the Makers Commons, a University-wide initiative to enrich the Penn State teaching and learning experience through 3D printing.

The Penn State News article about this exhibit includes additional details and accommodation information.