Quarterly Civility Report

Last year, Libraries HR started sharing quarterly reports about climate- and civility-related issues that are reported.

Issues included in the report are those that involved conduct contrary to the Libraries’ Civility Statement, incidents of bullying, concerns about work climate, and similar issues. Concerns brought directly to Libraries HR or Libraries Administration are included, as well as concerns shared through other reporting mechanisms that are brought to our attention (such as the Employee Relations department, Affirmative Action, or the Ethics Hotline).

Outcomes are categorized as:

  • Corrective Action/Performance Discussion – the employee committing the action is advised that their behavior is unacceptable. Expectations for the future are shared. Consequences of further inappropriate behavior are explained.
  • Coaching and/or Counseling – the employee committing the action is provided with coaching and advice on how to improve their interactions with others
  • Provided advice/support for employee to take action – some employees bring issues seeking advice on how they can take action themselves to address and improve the situation
  • No action desired/required – this could include situations in which the employee expressing the concern has asked that no action be taken at this time, where there is a lack of supporting information to substantiate that the concern is valid, or where there is not enough information to act on.

Additional categories may be added if needed in the future.

# Reported Incidents Characterized as culture-related (incivility or bullying) 4  12
Open 0 0
Resolved 4 12
Corrective Action/Performance Discussion 0 2
Coaching and/or counseling 0 1
Provided advice/support for employee to take action 1 2
No action desired/required 3 7

– submitted by Rob Harris, Human Resources