Libraries acquiring Credo Information Literacy Modules

This January, one of the Libraries’ strategic action teams (The First-Year Instructional Model Delivery Pilot Team) conducted a small pilot using Credo’s Information Literacy modules. These online modules provide a way for students to asynchonously complete lessons which can provide librarians with benefits such as: supporting a flipped classroom model of instruction, embedding library resources into Canvas, and offering knowledge checks to gauge student understanding.

The modules are aligned with the ACRL standards and many elements within them are customizable. Using this sort of product will enable us to save our own content development time for creating products and learning objects that don’t already exist and that can support some of the more unique aspects of our teaching and learning program.

The University Libraries is in the process of acquiring the Credo modules for all locations and we hope to have a rollout with a larger pilot by fall 2017. Stay tuned for more information. For questions, contact Emily Rimland at

– submitted by Emily Rimland, Action Plan team