302 Paterno and 211 Davey fall semester schedules

Many questions have been asked about the availability of the fall semester schedules for 302 Paterno and 211 Davey — the two General Purpose Classrooms in the Libraries. Because updates are made to these schedules up to the final weeks before classes, the fall schedule will
be available on August 14.

Once the schedule is posted to UCS after August 14, you can contact me, Rebecca Peterson (rmr28@psu.edu), to schedule either of these spaces. In the meantime, all of our other rooms in the Libraries are available for scheduling! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have
about scheduling.

While I’m out on leave (July and August), Anne Behler (acb10@psu.edu) will manage the instruction room schedules and Emma Davidson (emd21@psu.edu) will manage 302 Paterno and 211 Davey requests through CollegeNet.

– submitted by Rebecca Peterson, Library Learning Services