Tech Tip: Getting ready for Windows 10?

by Ryan Johnson, I-Tech

Windows 10 will begin to roll out to campuses and University Park this summer and into the fall semester. Over the summer, I will offer tech tips on what to look for in Windows 10.

My first tech tip will feature the new Windows 10 start menu. The Start menu looks very different then it does in Windows 7. When you left click, a long list of programs will appear. Two new sections exist, Life at a glance and Play and Explore. The live tiles (some are pulling data from the Internet) found in these sections can be removed, just right-click them and remove them. If you want to add a commonly accessed program, just drop and drag a program from the left menu into these sections.

You can also pin them to the start menu or taskbar by right-clicking any item in the start menu.

While the Start menu looks a bit different, it has all the usual features you’d expect — a list of all your installed applications as well as power options for shutting down or restarting your PC.

Move your mouse to any edge of the Start menu and you’ll be able to resize it. The left side of the menu brings a sense of continuity with Windows 7 in that it contains options for regularly used apps, File explorer, Settings, and a Search bar.

Note: The calendar and mail applications located in the start menu are not associated with UCS.

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