Use “we” not “they”

Try to use the word “we” instead of “they” when discussing your company with a customer.


Your customer naturally thinks of you and your company as one and the same. Customer service representatives tend to use the word “they” when dealing with something negative, but this can make your customer think you are not committed to the job.

Here are a few examples:

  • “They typically take two days to get that done” becomes “We typically get that done in two days.”
  • They won’t let me do that for you” becomes “I’m unable to do that, but here’s what I can do.”
  • “They will be with you in just a minute” becomes “We will be with you in just a minute.”

Bonus info: “We” vs. “They” isn’t just a language choice – it’s an attitude.

Check out this example from Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions: How Customer Service Problems Quite Literally Get Moldy where a “They” attitude led to a problem literally getting moldy.

– submitted by Carmen Gass, User Training Services