Pattee Library, Paterno Library initiate pilot of large digital screens

vertical image of large digital screen showing library information including upcoming events, available computers, and today and tomorrow's hours

The first phase of the digital signage pilot program includes static sign information with frequently refreshed computer availability and time and weather data.

A Digital Signage task force chaired by Kimlyn Patishnock, senior director of administrative and financial services, recently has been examining the University Libraries’ next phase of digital signage.

A pilot program began at the start of the Fall 2017 semester with the installation of two large, freestanding digital screens at the two main entrances of Pattee Library and Paterno Library near each welcome desk.

Each of the screens is installed vertically in orientation and displays the current time, weather information, the current day and next day’s hours of operation, computer availability by floor, as well as brief information about next five library events.

Prior to the screens’ rollout and screen content’s design, the task force sought user experience research from the Libraries’ Assessment Department.

The screens are touchscreen capable, and future phases of design during the pilot will explore interactive uses of the screen and its information.