Classroom updates in Pattee and Paterno include laptop availability

By: Rebecca M Peterson

Library Learning Services is happy to report some upgrades to two classroom spaces in Pattee/Paterno. 
Main changes to W13 Pattee (located outside of the Maps and GIS area):
  • Workstations removed and laptops are secured in a locked cart
  • The room will seat up to 27 students (27 laptops available as well)
  • There are 3 height adjustable tables for anyone who needs this accommodation. The chairs are height adjustable as well.
  • Printers were removed from the room and relocated to the vending area adjacent
  • Individual white boards will be available for use during instruction (to remain locked in storage cabinet when not in use). These can be hung on a track around the room to showcase students’ work.
  • New carpet squares installed and whiteboards installed on walls
  • This room to remain open as a study space when not in use. It will be rekeyed as an instruction room, but in the meantime, Maps/GIS can open it if the room is locked for some reason.
Pictures of the laptop cart and the individual whiteboards are included, below. The  whiteboards should not be used outside of a class in W13 Pattee. 
photo of a clean whiteboard

W13 Pattee classroom whiteboard

photo of a laptop cart in a classroom

W13 Pattee classroom laptop cart

Change to 403 Paterno:
These rooms are both able to be scheduled for library sessions. More information and documentation will be forthcoming and an “open house” for W13 Pattee is being scheduled for you to come and explore the features of the room. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any specific questions. Any issues in either of these spaces should be handled the same way as the other library classrooms in Pattee/Paterno. If you plan to teach in either of these soon, we can set up a room orientation.
If you’re interested in using the Dell laptops in 403 Paterno (30 laptops), W013 Pattee (27 laptops), or the Chromebooks in W023 Pattee (40 Chromebooks), please contact Rebecca Peterson ( You may use the laptops while teaching in one of these rooms or f you’d like to take the laptops with you to teach in another space, here’s how: 
  1. Determine how many laptops you need. While the carts are mobile and convenient, they can also be cumbersome. LLS has laptop “baskets” you may borrow if you only need a few laptops. Each basket holds 5 laptops.  
  1. Contact Rebecca Peterson ( to schedule the laptops. Each set of laptops has an equipment calendar through UCS, so even if you have 403 Paterno scheduled, you still need to schedule the 403 Paterno laptops to make sure someone else hasn’t booked them to use elsewhere. 
Thank you to Libraries’ Administration for supporting these upgrades.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Rebecca Peterson at