Site Seeing Along the Digital Repository Road Map and Strategic Plan

By: Tim Auman

Like any other map, the Libraries’ Digital Repository Road Map can be muddled with the occasional detour or traffic jam. However, no matter the barricade, the overall mission remains the same: increase efficiency and communication by reducing the number of platforms and leveraging the Open Source community.

Initially introduced during a Tech Update in 2016, the Digital Repository Road Map established a route for several digital initiatives to follow through 2019. Using the Product Owner model, each initiative, or product, is led by an individual product owner who is responsible for coordinating the various stakeholders and resources necessary for the product’s success. A list of all Library Product Owners can be found at:

Two milestones passed in the past year were the launch of ScholarSphere 3.0 and the migration of The Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive from Olive to Open ONI. Using Samvera, Scholarsphere 3.0 now shares a common data model with other institutions and features revised interfaces for upload and discovery as well as improved metadata options. Now listed on the Databases A-Z, The Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive provides full-text searching to an ever-growing collection of more than 80 historical newspapers. The Archive uses the Open ONI platform, which the Library of Congress also uses for their Chronicling America collection.

One major project currently under construction is the Cultural Heritage Object (CHO Access) initiative that will replace CONTENTdm as the Libraries’ digital repository platform. CHO
Access will provide a better platform for both collection management and user access. Nathan Tallman gave a demonstration of the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on March 26th and all
library staff can keep up to date on the project’s progress at the Cultural Heritage Objects (CHO) intranet site.