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Discovery Day Testimonial

Discovery Day logo

By: Carmen Gass

“Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center’s motto is ‘Never Stop Discovering,’ I wish to extend this sentiment to our Libraries’ Discovery Day. When you expand your knowledge and the  experiences associated with said knowledge, your life’s journey is further enriched…”

—Carolyn Muse, Birds of Prey, Discovery Day 2017

Onboarding Open Forum – New Location

By: Carmen Gass

Join us 10-11 a.m. Tuesday, April 17, 329 Hammond (Engineering Library) and via Zoom at https://psu.zoom.us/j/590990487, for the Onboarding Survey results and feedback/discussion, as announced and presented by the Libraries’ Onboarding Task Force at the April 3 Dean’s Forum.

**Are you thinking: “I’ve never been to the Engineering Library”- No problem! Meet at the Central Welcome desk (revolving door entrance) at 9:45am and someone will show you the way!**

Forum recording available HERE

Altoona librarians host storytime series for preschoolers

By: Jessica Showalter

Altoona librarians hosted a “Story Time” series for preschool students from the Penn State Altoona Child Development Center.

About ten children ages 4-5 participated in each session, accompanied by their preschool teachers. Librarians read children’s books to them and then led them in activities related to the books

.World map for Altoona storytime

The events were planned around an international theme, so librarians chose books, arts & crafts, and vocabulary from around the world. During each session, the preschoolers colored parts of a large 3’x 5’ world map, which the library donated to their classroom. (Map pictured above.)

Alessia Zanin-Yost hosted her session March 1 and focused on Australian animals. Mary Lou Patrick presented books on art from the Netherlands and Italy at her session on March 12, and library director Bonnie Imler taught the preschoolers about South America with a bilingual book on March 29. Lori Lysiak wrapped up the series last week with books about China and Japan on April 5.

Patrick said, “The children were fascinated with the map, and they were very attentive while I read the books. I chose age-appropriate books about Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van
Gogh, two of my favorite artists. I also taught them a few Italian words from the book about da Vinci, including bambina, bella, primavera, mamma mia, and addio. The children were practicing the Italian words on their way out of the session!”

Imler said, “I think the librarians enjoy this as much as the children. It allows us to bring out our ‘inner children’s librarian’ and get messy with glue, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes!”

mobile used for storytime, Altoona libs

Tech Tip: Update your preferred name in Workday before Office 365

By: Ryan Johnson

Office 365 will use your preferred name in WorkDay. Before we migrate into the new system this summer, you may want to verify your name.

Below are the steps to update or review your name in WorkDay:

 Change Preferred Name

  1. Log into Workday using your credentials. Upon logging in, you will land on your Homepage.
  2. From the employee’s homepage, click Personal Information worklet.
  3. Under the Change section, click on the Preferred Name button.
  4. Un-check the Use Legal Name As Preferred Name box.
  5. Change the First or Last Name as needed.
  6. Click on the Submit button.
  7. A confirmation displays.
  8. Click Done.

Note: It can take 5-10 business days for any changes to display in Office 365.