Interested in creating a video?

By: Amanda Clossen

A lot of people are interested in creating videos to support library instruction. And for good reason! Video can be a great tool. At the same time the idea of creating one can seem a bit

If you are looking to make a video and don’t know where to start, don’t worry: I and Library Learning Services can help!

The process of making a video begins with the theoretical and ends with the technical, and I can guide you through each step of this process, beginning with assessing the goals of your project
and ending with posting the completed video in a hosting site. I am able to provide direction for this process overall and at each stage, I can provide support and any needed instruction, be it
through email, Zoom, or in person.

Additionally, Library Learning Services has set aside funds to purchase Camtasia – the Libraries’ preferred product for film editing – for anyone who needs it. By the time your video is finished, not only will you have a product that you can share with students and instructors, but you will be equipped with both the expertise and the technology to create more videos, if you so desire.

So if you are interested in video creation, please feel free to email me at I’m happy to begin this process with you!