Customer Service Tip: 7 simple ways to improve your customer focus

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Coins can be a mini customer service hassle.

Think about the last time you bought something with cash and needed to collect change. There’s an awkward exchange as the cashier hands you the bills and then dumps the coins on top of it. It’s tricky to hang on to everything.

A drive thru line is the worst place for this to happen. I’ve sometimes found myself too close to the wall of the building to open my car door and retrieve the lost change. There’s an awkward
dance that follows as you pull forward while gesturing to the driver behind you to stay put for a moment so you can collect your missing 17 cents.

There’s a way to avoid this. The cashier can put the coins in your palm first and then place the bills on top. It’s much easier to control the coins that way.

That’s just one example of a simple way to focus your service on your customer. Here are six more you can easily implement.