Diminutive Designers Visit the Libraries

By: Tim Auman

The Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library was visited by a very fresh-faced group of students on May 15th & 16th. Twenty diminutive designers from the Bennett Family Center participated in an introductory course on architecture and the built environment led by Tatjana Neuberger, Library Assistant in the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library.

"Diminutive Designers" participant artwork

Their program started with a “world wind” journey through the A, B, Cs of design as they learned about Architects, Bridges, Columns, Landscapes, Pyramids, Streets, and other examples both on campus and from around the globe. The students assisted with  retrieving the books used in their instruction learned that every book in the library has its own ‘street address’ just like their own home. The second day had them donning hard hats as they constructed and decorated a paper model of a house and explored how buildings, trees, streets, cars, and people act as the building blocks of a city.

photo from "Diminutive Designers" workshop

Ms. Neuberger envisioned the program not only as a professional development activity, but also as outreach opportunity for the Libraries that reinforced her belief that “It is never too early to learn and have fun with history, art, and architecture. Tatjana, a native of Split, Croatia, received her MA in Political Science, Art History and Archaeology from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg and has worked in the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library since 2016 where her academic background has been put to use  cataloging and photographing built works for both the Worldwide Building and Landscape Pictures and the Central Pennsylvania Architecture and Landscape Architecture  image databases.