Cato – 2 Library Annex completes the Penn State Green Paws Program

By: Verne Neff and Steve Houck

Green Paws Program photo

The Cato – 2 Annex staff successfully completed Level 4 of the Green Paws Program. The Level 4 Green Paws Certificate and a letter signed by President Eric Baron was presented to the Annex staff by Penn State’s Sustainability Institute Director Paul Shrivastava, Associate Director of Employee Engagement and Education Sustainability Institute Lydia Vandenbergh, and institute member Daniella Espinoza on April 18, 2018.

The Cato – 2 Annex is staffed by members from Access Services and the Inactive Records Center. The Cato – 2 Annex adopted the Penn State Green standard on day 2 of opening its doors in 2008. The Green Paws Program has helped to develop a sense of comradery among the Annex’s staff relating to our environmental footprint.

The Annex staff are open for questions or guidance to any libraries units or departments that are interested in the program.