Getting To Know You: Victoria Rose Raish

By: Jen Cywinski and Tracy Reilly

Victoria Raisch

If you’re a student or instructor in World Campus, you may know Victoria Rose Raish, or “Torrie” as she’s known by her friends and colleagues.

Torrie received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Mercyhurst University before earning her Master’s degree in Secondary Science Teaching in USC’s online graduate program through the
Rossier School of Education. Hired by Penn State in 2016 for Library Learning Services, she is the Online Learning Librarian where she collaborates with World Campus. Torrie also assists
with teaching campus courses. Prior to being hired for the Libraries, Torrie was a graduate assistant for three years.

Sometimes people say librarians are “lifesavers”, so maybe it’s no surprise that Torrie was a lifeguard at the Sandcastle Waterpark in Pittsburgh while growing up outsidethe city limits.
Another fun fact is that Torrie went to school with Cameron Thomaz, who is better known as the rapper Wiz Khalifa!

Victoria Raish

Torrie and her husband, Adam have a very busy personal life raising five little girls. Emma, Ella, Elsa, and Elka are ages eight through one, and the fifth is Etta, who arrived after we interviewed Torrie! When she has free time, she loves to run in the mornings and used to compete in a collegiateathletics team for running.

When you ask Torrie what she likes about working for Penn State she says, “Everyone is very supportive and wants to help you to be successful”.