Welcome Megha Tuladhar: Fall 2018 Marie Bednar development intern

By: Sarah Bacon

Megha Tuladha headshot

Megha Tuladha

Meet inspiring, rising senior Megha Tuladhar, who joins the Libraries as our Marie Bednar Development Intern. Megha is from Nepal, and during her high school years helped support victims of human trafficking and was a strong advocate for economic development and human rights. After Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake, Megha went to work as a fundraiser and led efforts to provide an entire village with essentials like clothing, proper sanitation, food, and housing.

Megha will graduate this December with a B.A. in Economics. She came to Penn State with a desire for knowledge and learning beyond the known and sought out this University to have the
“ultimate American college experience”. She wasted no time getting plugged into her new Penn State community and is an executive board member for Ascend, the largest Pan-Asian
professional business organization.

After receiving her B.A., Megha will follow her passions for economic development, micro finance, sustainability, and international relations by pursuing a post graduate degree and
ultimately moving back to Nepal to help advance her country and its people. Megha will use her Penn State education and experiences to build bridges within and between communities in
Nepal and across the globe.