University Libraries holiday clothing sale

By: Heather Ross

It’s winter time and time to bundle up! This time we are selling long sleeve t-shirts with the UL mark, hoodies, zippered sweatshirts and athletic jackets, vests and ladies blazers and cardigans. The t-shirt and hoodie are both screen printed and everything else is embroidered.

See prices below and more details on the order form.

United Way clothing order form and pricing

Orders are due by 11/19 at noon. Payment is due by delivery. Payment by cash and PayPal is preferred. If paying by check, please make the checks out to Heather Ross, and send to Donna
Dean, 3 Paterno Library.

If paying by PayPal – Click on Send or Request money –>Send money–>enter email–>sending to a friend. Enter the amount and put your name in the notes field. You may be charged a small fee if you are using your bank card to pay but it’s a small amount. There is no fee if link your PayPal account to your bank account.

All proceeds benefit the Centre County United Way. Thank you for your continued support.

Heather Ross for the UL United Way Committee