The Informed Consumer Event Recap: Lean & Green Gift Making

By: Alyssa Leavens

succulent mini kokedamaTheUniversity Libraries hosted Lean & Green: Gift-making on a Budget on Tuesday, Nov. 6. This workshop is the first event of The Informed Consumer Series, an initiative designed to provide information and resources for students covering topics such as financial education, information literacy, health literacy, and entrepreneurship. The event included special guest Sylvia Rushing, resident instructor of floral design and botanical crafts at The Makery in State College. Sylvia instructed a group of 20 students on how to make mini succulent kokedamas (Japanese moss balls). Students learned that with just three simple and green items they could create an easy, decorative gift for friends or family. One succulent kokedama costs between $8-$10 keeping this project budget-friendly.

The event also offered a holiday vibe with hot chocolate, cookies, and festive music to help students de-stress. A book display with topics ranging from crafts to personal finance was also set up for students to browse and check-out. Students received two handouts with information on more budget friendly gift ideas, resources, and a budgeting worksheet specifically for the holiday season.

Look out for more events hosted by The Informed Consumer next semester. In the meantime, be sure to check out In the Know: Your Money Your Life, the blog associated with The Informed Consumer. The blog delves into various topics to help students take control of their lives and professional futures. Check out the blog’s latest post centered around the holiday season here.