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Getting to Know You: Matt Ciszek

Submitted By: Tracy Reilly

Headshot - Matt CiszekDuring the winter, it’s not unusual for the Penn State Behrend campus to be buried under a blanket of snow. For Matt Ciszek, Head Librarian at the John M. Lilley Library, it’s just like being home. Growing up in Niagara Falls, NY, Matt saw his share of blustery, freezing cold days. But in the summertime, he could open his windows and faintly hear the rush of water over the Falls, which were a mere 15 blocks from his childhood home. He says it was a great place to grow up, even with all the tourists.

Matt came to Penn State Behrend in January 2018 after spending 11 years as the Head Librarian at the Penn State Shenango campus. Before starting his career at Penn State, Matt spent several years troubleshooting problems at a company that produced library-related software, much like Workflows. Later, he decided to move into the academic side of library work. He spent a year working at the law library of The University of the District of Columbia, the only historically black, public land grant university in Washington, D.C., where he enjoyed the rich culture and long history of the university.

Matt has spent the last 8 years working in the policy making body of the ALA council. He says he finds it truly worthwhile to work with the leadership and members to create initiatives and policies. It’s also given him a chance to meet a lot of great people. But ALA isn’t the only place where he’s met great people. When it comes to being at Penn State, Matt says “the people at Penn State are what makes it worth the working.” He’s currently looking to do some renovations to the Lilley Library, as well as being in the beginning stages of developing a Knowledge Commons.

In his spare time, you can find Matt singing in the tenor section of his church’s choir. An avid photographer, he likes to take pictures of nature and, especially, buildings and architecture. Something else that Matt enjoys doing is working with stained glass. He took a class on making it and has loved it ever since. He hopes to soon have a house where he, along with his husband Michael, can have the space to create stained glass pieces and have an adorable miniature schnauzer running around the yard.

Joint borrowing partnership: University Libraries and Schlow Centre Region Library

By: Ann Snowman

University Libraries recently took the next step in our collaboration with Schlow Centre Region Library when we instituted joint borrowing. Schlow patrons can borrow from University Libraries by registering their public library card at the circulation desk, and Penn State patrons can register their University ID at Schlow to borrow there. Borrowers at either institution can return their books at either library.





2019 University Libraries United Way Calendar

By: Nicole Gampe

Now is the time to purchase your 2019 University Libraries Calendar that benefits the Centre County United Way!

Go to: https://goo.gl/forms/tY3jHQ7exGRC5rbn1 to order yours today!

Calendars will also be available for viewing and purchase at the Craft Sale on December 18th in Mann Assembly Room.

Payment information is on the Google form. Contact Heather Ross (hdr10) or Nicole Gampe (nmg110) if you have any questions.

Eisenbrauns, an imprint of Penn State University Press, announces new books for spring/summer 2019

By: Cate Fricke

Eisenbrauns, a renowned publisher of books on biblical and Near East studies, has unveiled its spring/summer 2019 catalog featuring new titles on Hebrew scriptures, ancient languages,  archeological reports, and more. The publishing house, which became an imprint of Penn State University Press in Nov. 2017, celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year.

Notable new titles include the third volume in Bezalel Porten and Ada Yardeni’s Textbook of Aramaic Ostraca from Idumea; Studying Gender in the Ancient Near East, a collection of scholarly essays providing a model of a more productive agenda for understanding gender in ancient Near Eastern societies; Cuneiform in Canaan: The Next Generation, an updated version of the original volume published by the Israel Exploration Society and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2006; A Glossary of Old Syrian by Joaquín Sanmartín; and additions to the Bulletin for Biblical Research Supplement series and Siphrut: Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures series. The new catalog also includes distributed titles from Åbo Akademi University, the American Oriental Society, and the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project.

To see all of Eisenbrauns’s new and forthcoming Spring/Summer 2019 titles, visit
or https://www.eisenbrauns.org/

Tech Tip: Connecting to Roo on a Mac

By: Ryan Johnson

If you need to connect to network shares, press cmd-K or Connect to Server from the Finder’s Go menu. This will get you here:

Roo screenshot #1 for tech tip

From here you can select any of your saved favorites or manually type in the server address, and click Connect. However, there were some changes made via a Windows update (on the server) some months back. You must specify the full name of the server in the Server Address Field. (smb://roo.psul.psu.edu/). If you are using a saved favorite that does not have the full server name, you should recreate it and remove the old one.

If you just use the server name without a share name, you will get an authentication dialog:

Roo screenshot #2 for tech tip

Please add “@dce.psu.edu” after your username (ex: phb1@dce.psu.edu).

This will display a list of all the available shares. You can pick the one you want from here.

roo screenshot #3 for tech tip

Of course, if you typically only connect to one share, you can add it to the end of the server address field and save it as a favorite (the + sign) for use with one click later.


roo screenshot #4 for tech tip

Please review your saved favorites and recreate any that do not have the full server name.

Events: Dec. 3

Fall 2018
Academic calendar information for all campuses is available online.

Into the Woods exhibit logo


Sept. 5-Feb. 11, Exhibit: “Into the Woods: Nature in Your Library” Diversity Studies Room, 203 Pattee Library, Explore the Eastern Forest, its wildlife and botanical wealth. Libraries’ resources, services, unique collections and course materials will guide you on the trails of nature education and exploration. Discover local environmental programs. Be inspired by the instrumental work of women conservationists. Check out the related books, maps, movies and more, and get … Into the Woods.


A Full Course: Encounters with Food exhibit flyer

Sept. 10-Jan. 13, 2019, Exhibit: “A Full Course: Encounters with Food” Eberly Family Special Collections Library, 102 Paterno Library, and Sidewater Commons, first floor Pattee Library. To survive and thrive, we must all consume food every day; eating is, therefore, one of the few universal human experiences. The exhibition will consider the more contested and continuing questions surrounding food: where does it come from, what and how do we cook and eat, and what role does food play in our collective imaginations? The books, manuscripts, posters, and ephemera on view will offer a feast for the eyes and food for thought!


Wednesday, Dec. 5: Docunight: Iran Via Documentaries. On the first Wednesday of every month, featuring a documentary film about, around, or in Iran, or made Iranians. Docunight events are open to everyone, and all films have English subtitles. Co-sponsored by the Iranian Student Association and the University Libraries. 7 p.m. in Foster Auditorium, 102 Paterno Library, University Park.

Sunday, December 9 — Tuesday, December 11: Destress Fest. Various locations across University Park campus Libraries. Games, stress-relieving activities, free coffee. snacks and extended hours.

Dec, 15-16: Commencement weekend.

Please submit event information — and all Library News submissions — to Public Relations and Marketing via the Library News submission form. *Please note: The content submissions process may be changing soon; please stay tuned for updates.*