Tech Tip: Connecting to Roo on a Mac

By: Ryan Johnson

If you need to connect to network shares, press cmd-K or Connect to Server from the Finder’s Go menu. This will get you here:

Roo screenshot #1 for tech tip

From here you can select any of your saved favorites or manually type in the server address, and click Connect. However, there were some changes made via a Windows update (on the server) some months back. You must specify the full name of the server in the Server Address Field. (smb:// If you are using a saved favorite that does not have the full server name, you should recreate it and remove the old one.

If you just use the server name without a share name, you will get an authentication dialog:

Roo screenshot #2 for tech tip

Please add “” after your username (ex:

This will display a list of all the available shares. You can pick the one you want from here.

roo screenshot #3 for tech tip

Of course, if you typically only connect to one share, you can add it to the end of the server address field and save it as a favorite (the + sign) for use with one click later.


roo screenshot #4 for tech tip

Please review your saved favorites and recreate any that do not have the full server name.