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Tech Tip: Windows update to Libraries machines over break

By: Ryan Johnson

Windows Update to Libraries Machines Beginning This Week

I-Tech will be updating Libraries PC machines beginning this week to a new version of Windows.  The changes are minor, but you will notice a few differences when you log into your machine.

IMPORTANT: Please sign out of your machine when leaving for break(Don’t power down or lock the computer)

Below are the two major differences you will see on your desktop:

Cortana (Windows Search) will revert to a Full Search Box in your Taskbar:

windows search bar screenshot

To change this back to an icon or hide it completely, simply right-click on your Windows taskbar and Select Cortana and make your selection.  The default setting is to Show Cortana Icon.

show Cortana icon screenshot

  1. A People icon will also be added to your task bar in the new Windows update .  Show People icon for screenshot - tech tip              To remove this, right-click on your taskbar and click on “Show People on the taskbar”.

SAT Steering Committee wants to hear from you

By: Rachel White

Greetings Everyone from the Supervisor Action Team Steering Committee!
SAT Steer is working on compiling information on our part time staff, both student and non-student. For the purposes of this survey, we are including Bednar Interns, graduate students, work study, and wage under the umbrella of student staff. If you fall into any of the following categories, we want to hear from you:

• Currently supervise part time staff
• Have previously supervised part time staff in the past 3-5 years
• Would like to hire part time staff in the future
• Do not directly supervise part time staff, but work closely with part time staff

The survey should only take about ten minutes to complete and your feedback is greatly appreciated. The data compiled will be used to create a landscape of the current part time staff and foster a discussion about internal promotion for our part time staff. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Rachel White (rhw135) If you have any questions about SAT Steer’s interest in a part time tiered staff system, please feel free to reach out to the SAT Steering Committee. Thank you in advance for your time!

Doug Burchill drb152
Shane Burris sdb8
Yesenia Figueroa-Lifschitz yuf3
Chris Holobar jch4
Liz Long eal17
Dawn Oswald djo10
Linda Struble lms27
Rachel White rhw135

Giving Tuesday: A record-breaker for the Textbook Fund!

By: Sarah Bacon

Giving Tuesday 2018 logo

What an incredible outpouring of support, time, and gifts were given on Nov 27 to the Textbook Fund. On behalf of the Development team, I’m very pleased to present our campaign debrief (attached), with a few highlights below.

• 170 gifts – 29 more, and 21% increase over 2017
• $44,708 raised for the Textbook Fund – $12,705 and 40% increase over 2017
• More than twice as many University Libraries employees gave this year (43) vs. 2017 (19)!
• 10 Libraries All Stars have given to the Textbook Fund each campaign (’15-’18):
The Penn State Bookstore, Jane and Jack Casey, Barbara and Bill Dewey, Dace and Andris Freivalds, Nicki Hendrix, Sue Kellerman, Michael Shanafelt, Jill Shockey, Linda Struble, Pattie and Ray Tiley
• With your help – University Libraries was #1 (out of 66) for money raised and tied for #2 for number of gifts. GO TEAM.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Lee R. Glatfelter Library team in York led by Barb Eshbach. They had the most gifts of any CCL. 15 of the 34 CCL gifts were from York. And, they were the only CCL with 5 or more gifts. As a result, they earned both $500 awards and will get $1,000 transferred to their collections budget for textbooks. Way to go!!

P.S. A few student thank you’s pulled from cards written at the Giving Tuesday event in Paterno Library…..

Dear Penn State Library Donors, Thank you so much for the services, events, and materials the library has to offer! I love the library and was very grateful today for help from IT services. – Carli

I would love to say thank you from all of Penn State. You are funding and shaping us for a  brighter future. Thank you and I hope I would be able to give back one day as well!! – Maquiyyah S.

Thank you for not only providing great education and experiences, but encouraging students to succeed academically and socially. – Tiffany V.

Dear Donor, Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion. College is a large financial burden for many and your contribution will greatly help Penn State families. Thank you & we are! – Caterina

Thank you so much for the text books! I never knew that you did this, but I think I will take advantage of it next semester. Thanks – Elena

Events: December 17

Fall 2018
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Into the Woods exhibit logo


Sept. 5-Feb. 11, Exhibit: “Into the Woods: Nature in Your Library” Diversity Studies Room, 203 Pattee Library, Explore the Eastern Forest, its wildlife and botanical wealth. Libraries’ resources, services, unique collections and course materials will guide you on the trails of nature education and exploration. Discover local environmental programs. Be inspired by the instrumental work of women conservationists. Check out the related books, maps, movies and more, and get … Into the Woods.


A Full Course: Encounters with Food exhibit flyer

Sept. 10-Jan. 13, 2019, Exhibit: “A Full Course: Encounters with Food” Eberly Family Special Collections Library, 102 Paterno Library, and Sidewater Commons, first floor Pattee Library. To survive and thrive, we must all consume food every day; eating is, therefore, one of the few universal human experiences. The exhibition will consider the more contested and continuing questions surrounding food: where does it come from, what and how do we cook and eat, and what role does food play in our collective imaginations? The books, manuscripts, posters, and ephemera on view will offer a feast for the eyes and food for thought!


Dec, 15-16: Commencement weekend.

Wednesday, Jan 9: Docunight: Iran Via Documentaries. Every first Wednesday of each month, Docunight screens a documentary about, around, or in Iran, or made Iranians. Films are free and open to everyone, and all films have English subtitles.

Please submit event information — and all Library News submissions — to Public Relations and Marketing via the Library News submission form. *Please note: The content submissions process may be changing soon; please stay tuned for updates.*