Giving Tuesday: A record-breaker for the Textbook Fund!

By: Sarah Bacon

Giving Tuesday 2018 logo

What an incredible outpouring of support, time, and gifts were given on Nov 27 to the Textbook Fund. On behalf of the Development team, I’m very pleased to present our campaign debrief (attached), with a few highlights below.

• 170 gifts – 29 more, and 21% increase over 2017
• $44,708 raised for the Textbook Fund – $12,705 and 40% increase over 2017
• More than twice as many University Libraries employees gave this year (43) vs. 2017 (19)!
• 10 Libraries All Stars have given to the Textbook Fund each campaign (’15-’18):
The Penn State Bookstore, Jane and Jack Casey, Barbara and Bill Dewey, Dace and Andris Freivalds, Nicki Hendrix, Sue Kellerman, Michael Shanafelt, Jill Shockey, Linda Struble, Pattie and Ray Tiley
• With your help – University Libraries was #1 (out of 66) for money raised and tied for #2 for number of gifts. GO TEAM.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Lee R. Glatfelter Library team in York led by Barb Eshbach. They had the most gifts of any CCL. 15 of the 34 CCL gifts were from York. And, they were the only CCL with 5 or more gifts. As a result, they earned both $500 awards and will get $1,000 transferred to their collections budget for textbooks. Way to go!!

P.S. A few student thank you’s pulled from cards written at the Giving Tuesday event in Paterno Library…..

Dear Penn State Library Donors, Thank you so much for the services, events, and materials the library has to offer! I love the library and was very grateful today for help from IT services. – Carli

I would love to say thank you from all of Penn State. You are funding and shaping us for a  brighter future. Thank you and I hope I would be able to give back one day as well!! – Maquiyyah S.

Thank you for not only providing great education and experiences, but encouraging students to succeed academically and socially. – Tiffany V.

Dear Donor, Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion. College is a large financial burden for many and your contribution will greatly help Penn State families. Thank you & we are! – Caterina

Thank you so much for the text books! I never knew that you did this, but I think I will take advantage of it next semester. Thanks – Elena