Tech Tip: Windows update to Libraries machines over break

By: Ryan Johnson

Windows Update to Libraries Machines Beginning This Week

I-Tech will be updating Libraries PC machines beginning this week to a new version of Windows.  The changes are minor, but you will notice a few differences when you log into your machine.

IMPORTANT: Please sign out of your machine when leaving for break(Don’t power down or lock the computer)

Below are the two major differences you will see on your desktop:

Cortana (Windows Search) will revert to a Full Search Box in your Taskbar:

windows search bar screenshot

To change this back to an icon or hide it completely, simply right-click on your Windows taskbar and Select Cortana and make your selection.  The default setting is to Show Cortana Icon.

show Cortana icon screenshot

  1. A People icon will also be added to your task bar in the new Windows update .  Show People icon for screenshot - tech tip              To remove this, right-click on your taskbar and click on “Show People on the taskbar”.