Green Tips: Ridesharing and hybrid vehicle rentals at Penn State

By: James Searfoss


Looking for a sustainable way to get to and from campus? Try ridesharing with Penn State’s Zimride. Zimride is Penn State’s private ride-matching network that matches you with other
students, faculty and staff who are going the same way, allowing you an easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride.

Zimride graphic "Great minds ride together"

Who can use this Zimride?
Penn State requires a valid Penn State WebAccess ID and password to join Zimride. Once registered, you can share rides to and from any Penn State campus. Sign up here.

If you have additional questions about Zimride or how to use Zimride please call 1-855-Zimride or email

Hybrid Vehicle Rentals:

Fleet Operations at Penn State offer both daily and long-term vehicle rentals. With a number of Ford Fusion Hybrids available, you have a sustainable option for any trip with one of our rented
vehicles. For daily reservations (14 days or less), the rate is $38.00 and 0.10 cents per mile travelled. Long-term reservations are also available. The typical long-term rental periods are Fall
& Spring semesters and one year, but in certain circumstances vehicles may be rented for shorter periods of time. And with gas included and a 7% reduction in daily rental rates across all
vehicles compared to the 2017-2018 fiscal year, rentals from PSU’s Fleet Operations are more affordable than other rental providers for most trips. Contact Fleet Operations at 814-865-7571 or for more information.