Tech Tip: What do I need to do For Enterprise Active Directory Migration?

By: Ryan Johnson

Has your machine been migrated to Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) yet?  If not the instructions below are what will be sent to your area before the migration.

Check out the instructions below so you can be ready!

       Before Migration

  • The night before your migration, leave your machine turned onand logged off.  If you have a laptop, please leave the machine at the Libraries and docked.
  • Your machine’s migration to EAD will move faster if you clear your web browser cacheand cleanup your Downloads and My Documents  Please use the following instructions to clear your browser cache.

                     How to Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge

​                     How to Clear Firefox Cache (PC and Mac)

                     How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome (PC and Mac)

  • Review Username’s and Passwords for common applications you use and websites you visit.  You will need to re-authenticate after the migration is complete.

During Migration

  • Your machine will not be accessible for 1-2 hoursand will restart several times.  Your department manager and/or Tech Liaison will be notified when the migration is complete. Please do not attempt to use your machine until the process is complete you have been given approval.

After Migration

  • After the EAD migration, you will need to re-authenticate any application or website behind WebAccess.  In addition, additional non-PSU websites you use will on your libraries machine will need to have the password re-entered.
  • Defendpoint (Privilege Guard) will be disabled temporarily.  You will need to submit a helpdesk ticket to install or update applications. This service will be restored as soon as we are able.