Tech Tip: Box folder email and notification settings

By: Ryan Johnson

The folder settings page allows you to control the actions possible within a specific folder, and modify the default settings to better suit your needs. These folder settings are inherited by sub-folders, and cannot be ‘undone’ at a sub-folder level.

Note: Some settings can only be modified by folder owners and co-owners

To modify folder settings, right-click on a folder (or click the ellipses ()) to open the More Options menu, then click Settings.

Box Folder Email and Notification Settings

  • Use my default notification settings – If this option is enabled, you will receive notifications according to your notification preferences in your Account Settings.
  • Override default settings for this folder and all subfolders – If this option is enabled, you can set custom notification preferences.  To receive more or fewer notifications than usual for this folder and any subfolders, click check boxes under Notify me when someone.
    Enable this option to access Disable all email notifications for all collaborators.
  • Disable all email notifications for all collaborators –  If this option is enabled, collaborators will receive no emails about activity in this folder.