Libraries Open House 2019

By: Rebecca Peterson
Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s Open House! We hosted 3,223 students over two days and could not have pulled off such a spectacular event without all of our volunteers.
Please enjoy photos from the event courtesy of Jennifer Funk as well as student feedback about the event!
“Everybody was approachable and really helpful.”
“It was very well organized and I got to learn so much about the library, which I didn’t know before.”
“My favorite part about the Open House was learning about the resources that could be taken advantage of in the library like placing a book on hold from the dorm or the music and media place or the study desks in the stacks.”
“It was great! I didn’t even realize how cool the PSU libraries are!”
“I enjoyed the tour very much overall. I feel comfortable with the library now and am looking forward to coming during my years at Penn State! Thank you!”
“I love PSU and Pattee and Paterno Library!”
“Open House is brilliant!”
“The volunteers working are very friendly and helpful.”
“I was required to come for a class, but I really enjoyed it.”
“I really liked the Open House and how friendly and passionate everyone was about their station.”
“It was absolutely amazing. Not only was it informative but it was interactive as well.”

1 thought on “Libraries Open House 2019

  1. Barbara Bellehumeur

    Might we see all of the photos from the Open House. Many could not atend the OH TY Party and wanted to see the phots on the plasma screen. Where are they? Some of our Retirees are coming in this week, it would be nice to show them the Open House 2019. The photographer did a great job. the formatting, composition and candid shots caught my eye immediately. Nice job.

    I was even in one with Mr Niyttany Lion. Rarely do I smile, he made me crack a big one.

    Our staff really did a wonderful thing for the students this year. I wish we could create a scrap book for them to see.

    Barbara Bellehumeur

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