Rock Ethics Institute Conference: Forgiveness and the Unforgivable Conference, Oct. 3-4

By: Chuck Jones

The Rock Ethics Institute invites you to attend the Forgiveness and the Unforgivable Conference on October 3-4.

The aim of this conference is to explore the complexity of reconciliation, reparation, and restoration in the face of events which are judged to be unforgivable: moral atrocity, genocide,
and the destruction of sustained potential for life.

In addition to examining this theme with reference to historical events, this conference seeks to expand the scope of reflection on the unforgivable to include:

the devastation of the planet the semantics and practice of forgiveness in non­ Western
cultures the possibility of asking forgiveness for the future third­ party forgiveness and apology
whether the dead can be forgiven / can one forgive in the name of the dead?

The conference will bring together philosophers, literary scholars, and religious thinkers from different traditions and theoretical approaches. For more information, download the Forgiveness Program.

We hope to see you there!

Kazim Ali


Ashraf Rushdy