Development’s Wish List for Students re-Launch

By: Alex Boyda

Libraries' Development Wishlist graphic

This fall, the development team is thrilled to announce the re-launch of our refreshed Wish List for students. The University Libraries team came together and submitted their department’s specific and most critical needs. The Wish List includes your requests for resources, events, new technology, internships, and even the preservation of rare historical literature. They range in price from $200 to $14,000.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their students’ wishes: Alexandria Chisholm, Amy Paster, Brandy Karl, Carmen Gass, Christina Wissinger, Elise Gowen, Jamilyn Houser, Janet Hughes,
Jason Reuscher, Jean Voigt, Jennie Knies, Linda Musser, Megan Gilpin, Sandy White, Sue Kellerman, Torrie Raish

The more we all share the Wish List and collaborate, the more student wishes will be granted. How can you help? Share our Let’s Grow State page:, with colleagues, friends, post on your Campus Library’s pages, and share all across social media. Please use hashtag: #PSUlibsWishList

As wishes are granted and funded, new items will rotate onto the list, so please check back frequently and keep submitting your requests via Qualtrics. Thank you!