Data Visualization Session: Monday, Oct. 28

By: Tara Anthony

Members of Research Informatics and Publishing will be presenting an Introduction to Data Visualization session open to any student, faculty, or staff member on Monday, October 28th from 1-2pm, 315 Pattee Library and via Zoom.

Introduction to Data Visualization
This data visualization session highlights services from multiple areas of Research Informatics and Publishing, including statistical, geospatial, scientific and software data visualizations. This session is aimed to provide an introduction to the resources and expertise for above mentioned areas.  Presenters will introduce software applications for which we provide consultation services, such as ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcPro; JMP, RStudio, Adobe Illustrator; MS SQL Server/BI, Tableau; and Interactive Visualizations using Jupyter Notebooks, BinderHub, Zenodo, and ScholarSphere. A tour of the Digital Lab of Research Informatics and Publishing will follow after the session for those who are interested.

Contact: Presenters: Tara Anthony/GIS Specialist, Lizhao Ge/Statistical Information Specialist, Briana Ezray/Research Data Management Librarian, Xuying Xin/Data Analyst, Seth Erickson/Software Curation Librarian