Tech Tip: Fill in the blanks in Excel

By: Ryan Johnson

Let’s say your boss wants you to apply a specific formula to every blank cell in a column.  If this was only a few cells this would be easy but what if a sheet had thousands of rows, what can you do?

To fill in any blank cell with the string “N/A” for example, follow the steps below:

  1. Select all the data in a column. Then go to the Home menu, select the Find & Select icon, select Go To Special.

2. In the next window, select Blanks.

tech tip screen shot

3. On the next window, you can enter the formula into the first blank cell. In this case, you’ll  just type N/Aand then press Ctrl + Enter so that the same thing applies to every blank cell found.

If you wanted to, instead of “N/A”, you could type in a formula into the first blank cell (or click on the previous value to use the formula from the cell just above the blank one), and when you press Ctrl + Enter, it’ll apply the same formula to all of the other blank cells.

This one feature can make cleaning up a messy spreadsheet very fast and easy.