Tech Tip: How to add a profile pic to your Zoom sessions

By: Ryan Johnson

It’s a good idea to have a profile photo for your Zoom account. This way, if you’re not using your webcam, a photo of you will still be displayed.

Please use a photo of yourself so that other participants will know who you are.

To do this visit  Click Sign in.

Once you login, navigate to your Profile(which is located on the left hand menu).

Zoom settings screenshot for tech tip

At the top of the profile page, you’ll see you name, a blank profile photo, and a link that says Change.

Click on this link to add a profile picture.

Next, click on the “Upload” button to upload a new photo. Select the photo file from your computer.

Once your photo is uploaded, you can move the square mask so the photo is centered and the zoom level is correct. Click Save to finish.