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Customer Service Tip: Free mini workshop — The 3R De-escalation Method

By: Myra Golden (submitted by Carmen Gass)

COVID-19 is making customers more hostile, and you need a strategy for quickly containing the situation and de-escalating the interaction. The 3R Method is battleground tested and easy to use – ideal for when you have to give bad news, enforce a mask requirement, or get an angry customer to calm down and listen to you. Learn about it here.

Tech Tip: Using recent files on your Mac

By: Ryan Johnson

This tip is for those of you who use the Recents item in the Finder sidebar to keep track of your files.

tech tip screenshot

Recents is not a real location on your Mac. The Finder creates and updates it dynamically. In essence, this is just a collection of shortcuts to files you have recently used.

What you should remember is, whatever you do to the item in Finder’s Recents is actually applied to the original file.  If you rename a recents file, it will rename the original file. If you delete a recents file, it will delete the original.

Fall 2020 University Libraries exhibitions

Fall 2020 — University Libraries Exhibitions

Earth Archives exhibition posterEXHIBITION: Earth Archives: Stories of Human Impact. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Earth Archives explores the intersection of the environment, human activity, and the documentary record. Highlights of the virtual exhibition include representations of varied print, manuscript, and art works that invites the viewer to consider a range of environmental-related topics and will serve as a growing, centralized resource.


buttons from INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY: Highlights From the Ken Lawrence Collection

EXHIBITION: International Solidarity: Highlights from the Ken Lawrence Collection. A virtual look at the visual culture of political protest in the late 20th-century, to provoke thought about international solidarity in our own time, including human and civil rights, immigration, and independence movements.

Image: Physical Plant series, Greg Grieco photographs, 07488

EXHIBITION: Celebrating the ADA: The Legacy and Evolution of Disability Rights & Lived Experience at Penn State. To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26, a new online exhibition, Celebrating the ADA explores the first 100 years of national disability rights legislation and the movement’s impact on the Penn State University community.

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