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Customer Service Tip: Why gemba is the best way to solve service failures

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

The CEO called me with an urgent training project.

Our parking management firm was in danger of losing an important contract at a hotel where we managed the valet and self-parking operation. The client was unhappy about poor service quality and gave us thirty days to improve.

The CEO told me to go to the hotel and train the staff and the manager. He wanted me to show them how to deliver service the right way, and then make sure they did it. This was going to be
my priority for the next 30 days.

I decided to meet the parking manager and take a gemba walk. It was fortunate that I did, because it quickly became clear that training was not the problem. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: Is automation good or bad for customer experience?

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

The discussion about automation often focuses on jobs.

A 2019 study by Indeed showed 60 percent of Americans think automation will put a significant number of jobs at risk. This certainly includes customer service jobs. You see machines replacing humans in parking garages, at supermarkets, and in customer service departments.

But is automation making customer experience any better? Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: Bad timing or bad decision?

By: Shep Hyken (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Bad timing isn’t really bad timing if you have control of the situation. Think of the things you and others around you in your organization have control over that might cause a problem or inconvenience for someone else. You may not have power over everything, but you do have the power to make good decisions. Know the difference between bad timing and bad decisions. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: The top 5 viral moments In customer service from 2019

By: Blake Morgan (submitted by Carmen Gass)

In a world often filled with chaos and negativity, people love to share positive, uplifting stories. Stories of people caring for others and showing great customer service often go viral. These great acts aren’t performed by employees looking to make it big on the internet, but by people who genuinely care about customers and want to make their lives easier and happier. Here are five stories of great customer service and caring that have gone viral in 2019.

Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: 5 ways to deliver better service just in time for National Customer Service Week

By: Shep Hyken (submitted by Carmen Gass)

National Customer Service Week is coming up soon. Every year it is the first full week in October. This is a week to celebrate and appreciate not only our customers, but also the
people who make our customers happy. In fact, the original intent was to focus more on employees than customers, but I’m happy to celebrate both. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: How to discover and use customer preferences

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Using customer preferences to tailor your service allows you to serve customers with less friction, offer them a better experience, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Friction is anything that makes a customer’s experience difficult.

You can use customer preferences to eliminate friction and make service easier. Read more here

Customer Service Tip: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience with Live Chat

By: Hamzah Tariq (submitted by Carmen Gass)

One of the most successful ways to enhance the customer experience is through live chat. However, there’s always room for improvement in how customers are engaged via chat.

Here are seven areas we feel are extremely important when it comes to improving the overall live chat experience delivered to customers. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: Is customer service really like peanut butter?

By: Erica Mancuso (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Customer Experience (CX) is like the PB&J sandwich, where a perfect harmony of all the ingredients creates an enjoyable result. Customer Experience is the sum of all the interactions a
customer has with your company. It includes the entire journey, starting with the way customers initially hear about your product, through purchase and on-boarding, first use, billing and payment, ongoing engagement, the renewal process, and of course, the support from your company along the way. Customer experience is subjective; it focuses on the emotions and perceptions a customer develops about your company.

Customer Service (CS), on the other hand, is like the peanut butter – a critical ingredient that impacts the overall result. Read more here

Customer Service Tip: How to use customer service to drive a better customer experience

By: Paul Selby (submitted by Carmen Gass)

It’s not very common for customers to contact customer service when everything is going fine. No, it’s at times when something unexpected happens, situations like their order didn’t arrive
when anticipated, the product is broken, or instructions aren’t clear.

But no matter what the problem–major or minor–there’s an even bigger issue at hand. The customer didn’t want their day disrupted by this problem. Read more here.


Customer Service Tip: How to follow up with customers like a pro

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Why is follow-up important in customer service?

The benefits of following up with customers include confirming problems are resolved, preventing future issues, and building stronger relationships. Companies often gain far more customer feedback when they follow up after a service interaction. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: How to help your team manage customer expectations

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Many years ago, I managed a customer service team for a catalog company that sold imported items from Eastern Europe, including antiques. The antiques were often unique and were slightly different than the pictures on our website or in our catalog.

Russian samovars were a particular challenge. These are highly decorated tea urns that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A quick look at the ebay page – for samovars can illustrate the variety.

This created an expectation management problem for my team. Read more here.

Customer Service Tip: It’s your fault

By: Shep Hyken (submitted by Carmen Gass)

The other day I was leaving a parking lot that required me to pay on the way out. It was an automated system. I put my ticket in the slot, the machine calculated what I owed, and then asked me to insert my credit card to make the payment. There were even some convenient instructions on how to insert the parking ticket and credit card into the machine. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Even worse, it took my card and didn’t give it back. The screen read, “Error. Ticket Jammed.” A little frustrated, I noticed a button to push for help. Read more here.


Customer Service Tip: The best phrases for taking ownership of service failures

By: Jeff Toister (submitted by Carmen Gass)

Customer service often involves solving problems we didn’t create.

Our colleagues make mistakes. A defective product, a late shipment, or a billing error can all send fuming customers in our direction. Sometimes, customers themselves cause the issue.

We’re expected to take ownership of these situations, represent the company, and help customers feel better. Yet it’s tempting to deflect ownership when the pressure is on.
Read more here.