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Inside Access: ILLiad email enhancements

by Shane Burris, Interlibrary Loan

Changes have been made to two ILLiad email notices to enhance user access to ILLiad.

One change is to the ILLiad courtesy notice (due date reminder). The email now contains a link which can be used to request a renewal directly from the email rather than link to the ILLiad main menu, which then requires the patron to navigate to checked out items and then to the item record to renew. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in patron questions regarding renewals since implementation. Below is an example of the email:

sample text from an ILLiad email regarding due date and renewal

The other change is to the email notification patrons receive when an article is delivered electronically to their ILLiad account. There is now a link in the email which goes directly to the .pdf of the article, once again bypassing the need to navigate through multiple screens to access the article. A second link will still take them into ILLiad to view the listing of all their available articles. Below is an example of the email:

sample text from an ILLiad email about article receipt with link to portable document format

Please contact Interlibrary Loan at https://libraries.psu.edu/services/interlibrary-loan with any questions or comments.

Why did my book requested on ILLiad arrive from an E-ZBorrow Library?

By Barbara Coopey assistant head of Access Services

Since July 2013 Interlibrary Loan staff have been placing books requested via ILLiad on E-ZBorrow. If ILL Staff find that a book request submitted on ILLiad is available at an E-ZBorrow library, they will request it via E-ZBorrow.
There are several advantages for users:

  • E-ZBorrow books arrive faster
  • E-ZBorrow books have a 12-week loan period (weeks longer than the standard ILL loan period)
  • Books are checked out on the user’s CAT Library Account

If the book cannot be supplied from an E-ZBorrow library (this does not happen often) the user will receive an email from the E-ZBorrow system stating, “UNFILLED REQUEST: If you still want this book, please forward this email to ul-ILLiad-support@lists.psu.edu so staff can assist you with this unfilled request.” The email has the book information attached so ILL staff can easily request the book elsewhere. Users can find the original ILLiad request under View – History of Requests, then by selecting the transaction number. Under “Tracking” there will be a status of “Requested via Palci E-ZBorrow.” ILL staff placed over 500 book requests on E-ZBorrow since July 1. ILLiad and E-ZBorrow are located on the Interlibrary Loan website.