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Writing into the night: A recap of our second International Write-In

illustration of pencil circling pencil drawing representing the continentsOn Sunday, April 23, the University Libraries hosted 71 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff who participated in our second International Write-In at University Park. For eight hours, participants committed to working on writing, digging into assignments, and trying to finish off papers and articles before the end of the semester. Staged in the Mann Assembly Room, this event was planned in collaboration with the Learning Center and the Graduate Writing Center. With snacks, coffee, tea, writing consultants, and librarians, we were able to provide support and productive spaces for our writers. Including our volunteers, our total attendance was 82 people!

We hope to keep up the tradition and host another International Write-In this fall. Our primary audience continues to be graduate students and the committee hopes to expand our partners for future events. The participants expressed their gratitude for the space, snacks and atmosphere of productivity at this busy time of the semester.

Hosting the International Write-In is a team event and we have many individuals to thank. First, we’d like to send a big thanks to PRaM for help in promoting the event and providing beautiful graphics and signage. We’d also like to thank Joe Salem for his pizza support and Megan Gilpin for her pizza ordering wisdom. Thanks to Len White and the rest of the facilities crew for helping get the event set up. Finally, we’d like to thank Rachel White and Paul Burnell for their help the day of the event. We couldn’t have done it without you!

– submitted by Hailley Fargo, Knowledge Commons

Participate in International Write-In April 23

promotional graphic for April 23 International Write-In

Calling all writers! On Sunday, April 23, join the University Libraries, the Learning Center and Graduate Writing Center for our second International Write-In at University Park.

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to join a community of writers and get words on the page! We will be hosting two sessions (3:30-7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.-midnight) in the Mann Assembly Room, 103 Paterno Library, University Park. Registered writers will have access to writing spaces, writing tutors, librarians, snacks, coffee, tea, and free pizza. Sign up today at tinyurl.com/psuwritein.

Interested in providing librarian support for the event? Contact Hailley Fargo at hmf14@psu.edu for more information.

An 8.5×11 downloadable PDF for this event is available to print or share with colleagues and organizations. Those participating in or helping with the Write-In are invited to use the hashtag #IntlWriteIn and tag @psulibs to share their thoughts about the event on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

– submitted by Hailley Fargo, Knowledge Commons

International Write-In to host two sessions on April 23

With the goal of helping individuals end their procrastination and move past writer’s block, the International Write-In has added a second session for its April 23 date. Writers may sign up for either or both of the two sessions for the event in the University Libraries’ Mann Assembly Room, 103 Paterno Library, University Park. The first four-hour session is available from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m., and the second session will run from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Free and open to Penn State undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members, the International Write-In provides quiet writing spaces and areas for small-group collaboration as well as coffee, snacks and support from reference librarians and writing consultants. Free pizza will be provided to registered writers between the end of first session and start of the second session.

The April 23 event is sponsored by Penn State Learning, the Graduate Writing Center and the University Libraries. The Write-In at Penn State University Park offers not only support and motivation, but pizza, snacks, coffee and other caffeinated beverages as well.

Each session of the Write-In officially begins with writers stating their goals and then focusing on achieving those goals during the session. Both undergraduate and graduate writing tutors and librarians will be available to assist with writing and research needs. Participants are requested to register as early as possible through this Penn State International Write-In form  to allow organizers to submit a crowd-appropriate catering order in a timely manner.

Writers who participate in the Write-In are invited to use the hashtag #IntlWriteIn and tag @psulibs to share their thoughts about the event on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.