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Findings from the Ithaka Survey of Undergraduates

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Library Assessment Department held a forum to present the findings from the Ithaka Survey of Undergraduates conducted this past spring. This was a long survey asking students to respond to approximately 200 questions.

Our analysis looked at demographic characteristics to learn more about differences across sub-populations. One finding in particular, that no difference was found in terms of sense of belonging between international and domestic students, will be used as a seed for an assessment slated to be conducted in the spring.

The presentation is linked on the Ithaka Survey Intranet page along with the data, and other products resulting from the study. Findings from the study relate to major, ethnicity and first-generation status among other demographic characteristics.

Overall findings suggest that undergraduates:

  • Overwhelmingly value our services and facilities
  • Visit our facilities frequently and stay for long periods of time
  • Feel a sense of belonging when in our libraries and are motivated to be productive while there

Results relating to specific populations:

First-generation students:

  • Report a stronger sense of belonging than other students
  • Find librarians and core library services more useful than other students
  • Know where to ask for help on questions relating to resources for their coursework

Minority students (African Americans & Hispanic/Latino):

  • Report a stronger sense of belonging than White students
  • Find librarians and core services more useful than White students

International students:

  • No difference found in terms of sense of belonging compared to domestic students
  • Have more difficulty accessing resources for their coursework and research
  • World Campus students who have attended a library instruction session are more likely to agree that librarians help them develop research skills

Library Assessment is happy to work with units with specific questions about the data.

– submitted by Steve Borrelli, Library Assessment