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National Library Week will celebrate how “Libraries Transform”

In early spring, Public Relations and Marketing (PRaM) and the University Libraries’ Exhibits Committee displayed an interstitial exhibit of posters informally referred to as “Library Idioms” or the “Because” statements. The series supports and extends the concept of the American Library Association’s “Libraries Transform” campaign.

With the approach of National Library Week April 9-15 and ALA’s continuing theme that week of “Libraries Transform,” PRaM is planning to expand the reach of our version of the “Because” statements. Look for them throughout that week on the Libraries’ social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and please consider retweeting/sharing our posts. (You follow us already, right? Please invite your friends to as well, to help extend the reach of our “Libraries Transform” awareness campaign!)

What one-line, clever “Because” phrases would you suggest to help remind all our visitors why the University Libraries is important and how it helps transform their lives and their pursuit of lifelong learning?

We encourage everyone in the Libraries plus our friends and visitors — who include Penn State students, faculty, and staff; alumni; visiting scholars; plus community residents and all of Pennsylvania’s citizens — to list your best suggestions in the comments below.

We would like to create a second series of “Because” statement posters and digital content, and we would love to include your phrases. (Thank you to those who submitted their ideas to us previously — they are great!)

Please also let us know which are your favorite among the original series. Here they are: